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AI News
  1. Meta has introduced Llama 3, the next generation of its state-of-the-art open source large language model (LLM). The tech giant claims Llama 3 establishes new performance benchmarks, surpassing previous industry-leading models like GPT-3.5 in real-world scenarios. “With Llama 3, we set out to build the best open models that are on par with the best... Read more »

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  2. Mistral AI has released Mixtral 8x22B, which sets a new benchmark for open source models in performance and efficiency. The model boasts robust multilingual capabilities and superior mathematical and coding prowess. Mixtral 8x22B operates as a Sparse Mixture-of-Experts (SMoE) model, utilising just 39 billion of its 141 billion parameters when active. Beyond its efficiency, the... Read more »

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  3. SAS, a specialist in data and AI solutions, has unveiled what it describes as a “game-changing approach” for organisations to tackle business challenges head-on. Introducing lightweight, industry-specific AI models for individual licence, SAS hopes to equip organisations with readily deployable AI technology to productionise real-world use cases with unparalleled efficiency. Chandana Gopal, research director, Future... Read more »

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  4. Organisations are enthusiastic about generative AI’s potential for increasing their business and people productivity, but lack of strategic planning and talent shortages are preventing them from realising its true value. This is according to a study conducted in early 2024 by Coleman Parkes Research and sponsored by data analytics firm SAS, which surveyed 300 US... Read more »

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  5. Samsung has unveiled the industry’s first LPDDR5X DRAM with speeds of up to 10.7 Gbps, setting a new benchmark for the industry. Achieved through the use of cutting-edge 12 nanometer (nm)-class process technology, Samsung has not only attained the highest performance metrics but also the smallest chip size among existing low-power double data rate (LPDDR)... Read more »

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  6. AI News caught up with president of Ikigai Labs, Kamal Ahluwalia, to discuss all things gen AI, including top tips on how to adopt and utilise the tech, and the importance of embedding ethics into AI design. Could you tell us a little bit about Ikigai Labs and how it can help companies? Ikigai is... Read more »

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  7. Hugging Face has announced the release of Idefics2, a versatile model capable of understanding and generating text responses based on both images and texts. The model sets a new benchmark for answering visual questions, describing visual content, story creation from images, document information extraction, and even performing arithmetic operations based on visual input. Idefics2 leapfrogs... Read more »

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  8. OpenAI has announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo to drive its expansion into the Asian market. The new office aims to foster collaboration with the Japanese government, local businesses, and research institutions to develop AI tools tailored to Japan’s unique requirements. Tokyo was selected for OpenAI’s first Asian venture due to its... Read more »

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  9. The UK and South Korea are set to co-host the AI Seoul Summit on the 21st and 22nd of May. This summit aims to pave the way for the safe development of AI technologies, drawing on the cooperative framework laid down by the Bletchley Declaration. The two-day event will feature a virtual leaders’ session, co-chaired... Read more »

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  10. The US and Japan have unveiled a raft of new AI, quantum computing, semiconductors, and other critical technology initiatives. The ambitious plans were announced this week by President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio following Kishida’s Official Visit to the White House. While the leaders affirmed their commitment across a broad range of areas... Read more »

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