Dall-E Prompt: A cowboy gunslinger walking the neon lit streets and alleys of a futuristic tokyo covered in a dense fog

The AI Buddy has the option to set your image size, when querying Dall-E. 

Using larger image sizes can potentially affect your usage when using an API like DALL-E, especially in terms of computational resources and processing time. Generating larger images typically requires more computational power, memory, and storage space. This means that the process of generating larger images can take longer and may require more powerful hardware resources.

Additionally, larger image sizes may also require more bandwidth when transferring data between the client and server. This could result in slower response times and longer latencies, especially if the internet connection is slow or unstable.

Therefore, it's important to consider the computational and network resources required when using an API that generates images, especially if you need to generate a large number of high-quality images quickly. You may want to consider optimizing your input data and request parameters to minimize the required resources, or using a more powerful hardware configuration to improve the speed and efficiency of the image generation process.