Setting up Ai Buddy is a very simple process that require a few steps.

Once setup, you can see it in action:

  1. Download and install the admin module as you would any other.
  2. Publish the module in the STATUS position of the admin template.
  3. Set access to at least registered, but even beter Super User
  4. Get a Chat GPT Api key at 
  5. Enter the Api key in the module settings, and set your language. 

You are good to go. if installed correctly, the Ai Buddy should appear at the top of your screen.

Usage options

  • Allow the module to give answers in any language.
  • When in article edit screen, directly copy results to the META description field, or the META keywords field
  • Allows any question asked
  • Gives 10 predefined questions, you can elaborate on
  • Copy text and use it anywhere in your content
  • Reset and continue, keep asking questions

Setup options

  • Select language of choice
  • Set Api key
  • Set Ai model
  • Set Ai temperature
  • Set Ai token length

All is explained in the buddy articles on this website.

There is no free tier for the OpenAI API. All API requests are charged at a rate based on the amount of data you're using. However, OpenAI gives you $5 worth of API credits when you first create an OpenAI account. This free credit expires three months after you create your OpenAI account.


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